Binary is a Biological Fact

“Tyrants always attack the family and substitute the state as parents to the children. That is standard practice of the communist apparatchiks.”

The family is under attack like never before. The leftist cult leaders want to erase the idea of husband and wife, mother and father as if it never existed. The very notion of that is straight out of Orwell’s 1984 where the main character spent his days rewriting history so that the previous version never existed. And what, are we expected to forget that we learnt some basic biology and basic concepts of loving family relationships to provide a safe place to raise normal children?

It must be understood that the family is the bedrock of our Western Christian civilisation. It is the unit upon which our free democratic society stands. Tyrants always attack the family and substitute the state as parents to the children. That is standard practice of the communist apparatchiks.

The Left/the Greens for a long time have had the policy of “degenderizing” us.  Now that seems to have gone mainstream. Yet for six thousand years, there were only two genders. Jesus Himself said that at the beginning of creation God “…made them male and female.” (Matt 19:6) But now we are expected to believe that there is no such thing as biological differences and that there are as many different genders as you like.  Really it is groupthink with no basis is true science. It is a delusion!

Humans have approximately 28,000 genes in their DNA. Females have 8,000 genes that are different to males. That is a 29% difference in the number of genes that code for different body parts, organs and hormonal systems. How pointless it is to lop off a few external parts and believe you can change a boy into a girl or vice versa. It is not science. It is a form of insanity and most certainly child abuse.

But the Left tell us it is a mindset. It is what you identify with that can be different to the biological realities. This then leads to perverse practices. It affects behaviour and behaviour affects relationships and mental health. That then has an impact on society, on a society that still has the means to raise children in a healthy environment. So destroy the family and you destroy society, which creates the conditions for Satanic rule in despotic regimes.

Nearly all of nature, at the least the higher functioning animals, are binary in nature. No farmer would survive if he did not know the difference between male and female. This biological fact is key to the survival of the species. So if you wanted to destroy the human race – to depopulate the planet of humans – it would be the perfect mechanism. You get the indoctrinated masses to march to their own demise.  Mutilating body parts sterilises and sterilised humans do not breed. Nor do homosexual humans breed. The very fact that grotesque practises of donating sperm or eggs to in vitro fertilise and produce a baby by artificial means underlines the heresy of the modern doctrine. It is modern witchcraft and sorcery. No wonder these practices are an abomination to God.

Sodom and Gomorrah seem to be quite righteous compared to the current antihuman practises of our so-called civilised society today. Every sin (adultery, fornication, divorce, abuse, lying, thievery, idolatry, debauchery, slavery, child sacrifice, corruption, homosexuality, murder of the unborn and the elderly etc.) is now accepted as normative. Where is the outrage? Crickets are all I hear.

Without the traditional family, comprised of husband, wife and children from that natural relationship, you get relationship chaos, mental illness, serial divorce, serial abortions and abused and maltreated children. So remember what Jesus said of those who abuse the children:

“It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

Luke 17:2

Children need that nurturing environment of a mother and father. The Biblical standard is one man married to one woman for life. It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve or Thelma and Louise. The departure from God’s standards will result in judgment on this world.

It is inescapable! Reality is telling us what is happening. The inmates are running the asylum. Male and female, man and woman, is binary. There are only two complementary sexes without which society dies.

Pride is their own destruction. Out of their own mouths, they condemn themselves. At the root of all sin is pride. Pride is a rejection of the authority of the highest power in the universe, the Creator God. The proud do not humble themselves to accept the Lord as Saviour. Pride cannot co-exist with humility. Only by bowing to the Creator can we be saved from the eternal judgment and wrath of our loving God.

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