Bernie Finn’s Firing Is Another Woke Nail in the Coffin of Aussie Larrikinism

“When the history books recount this event, let it be said that Bernie Finn was dumped by a ‘conservative’ party for expressing conservative views in the great, free Australian tradition of larrikinism.”

AUSTRALIA: Long-serving Victorian Upper House MP, Bernie Finn has delivered a defiant speech in the wake of his cancellation by the state’s Liberal Party.

In a short speech delivered to the Victorian parliament, Finn said he was with the Liberal Party for 41-years because he believes in freedom, and they once did too.

“All that came to an end this morning, when my membership with the Liberal Party ended, as did any claim the Victorian Liberal Party had, as a supporter of freedom of speech.”

He added, “Tragically the party I joined is no more the party of Menzies and Howard; is no more. The party of Bolte and Kennett is gone. So many conservatives and libertarians are now, right across Victoria without a political home.”

Finn then shared how many a conservative has been made homeless by the woke conversion of the once “conservative” Liberal Party, stating, “It is with overwhelming sadness I have to admit I feel exactly the same way.”

Finn was expelled from the Party on Tuesday for his vocal advocacy on behalf of a child’s right to life from conception

Caldron Pool’s chief editor, Ben Davis explained, the Liberal Party’s excuse for firing Finn was protecting “respectful discourse.” 

Victorian Liberal party leader, Matthew Guy handed down the ruling on Tuesday, rejecting criticisms that called the decision, ‘a dangerous precedent for party members’ with regards to freedom of speech, conscience and freedom of religion.

Guy, who has support from party-room members, was quoted by The Australian, as saying, “it’s not about that at all. It’s not about what people are saying, it’s about how things are said, and it’s about behaviour.”

When asked to back up his justifications, Guy refused to ‘go over it.’

The Australian argued that the probable cause for Finn’s firing was related to colourful criticisms of leftists on social media and his support for Donald Trump.

Such as publicly questioning Joe Biden’s 2020 Deus Ex Machina “win”, and in one instance posting a sarcastic meme, from which, The Australian said, Finn ‘asked his followers to nominate whether a CCP rocket should land on the ABC, Waleed Aly, and Greens “Indigenous” Senator Lidie Thorpe.’

In another example, Finn expressed frustration with totalitarian, COVID-19 fanatic, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews by ‘likening him to Hitler.’

Meeting with up to 100 supporters outside parliament after the vote, Finn defended describing the message as anti-liberal.

“If you hold a view different to the leader in this party you run the risk of expulsion,” he said. “I have done nothing wrong. What do they do to somebody that does something wrong? Can we expect a lynching on the steps here?”

Finn is right.

Matthew Guys’ decision has broader implications for all Australians.

The “conservative” party are telling conservatives there’s no room for them in their politically correct inn.

More pointedly, when the history books recount this event, let it be said that Bernie Finn was dumped by a “conservative” party for expressing conservative views in the great, free Australian tradition of larrikinism.

Finn’s firing is cancel-culture gagging the anti-authoritarian Australian cultural trait, where ‘a fundamentally good person tests the boundaries of dubious rules.’

This event isn’t just the death knell of the “conservative” Liberal Party, it’s another woke nail slammed into the coffin of larrikinism, pushed from the precipice into the abyss by deaf, virtue signalling bureaucrats, who prefer to silence Australians rather than listen to them.

Particularly, that great Australian defender of liberty, the fierce, no B.S, lovable, straight-talking Australian: the formidable Aussie larrikin.


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