Baucham: “Race Is a Social Construct”

During the 2019 Truth Matters Conference at Grace Community Church, Professor Voddie Baucham, Dean of Theology at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia said, the idea of race is a social construct.

“Race is actually a social construct,” Baucham said. “The concept of race is not a biblical concept. It’s not a biblical idea. It is a constructed idea. You won’t find the idea of races in the Bible unless you find it in the proper historical context where we see, number one, that we are all the race of Adam. One race, one blood. We are all the race of Adam.

“There is less than a 0.2% genetic difference between any of us in this regard. In fact, we’re not even different colors. Technically, from a genetic perspective, from a biochemistry perspective, we’re all actually the same color. Our color comes from our melanin. We’ve all got melanin, just to differing degrees.

“So, it’s not that some of us are this color, some of us are that color – no, we’re just different shades of the same color. Some of us just have more melanin than others. And I want you to listen to me on this. Listen to me: Just because you don’t have as much melanin as I do, don’t you dare think God doesn’t love you as much as he loves me because he gave me more.”

The entire lecture, titled Irreconcilable Views of Reconciliation, can be viewed here.


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