Ardern’s Arrivederci a Boon for Life, Limb, and Liberty

“The coronavirus crisis was a unique opportunity for politicians. They get to seize absolute power, silence opponents, gag freedom of speech, and have the populace applaud them for doing so.”

While the wokified Western media mollifies the resignation of New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, the bitter aftertaste of her reign will linger.

First elected in 2017 with the help of the centre-right New Zealand First Party, Ardern was elevated by legacy media to the status of feminist icon.

Dubbed the “princess of kindness in politics,” this love-in came complete with the accessorised WEF Zelensky-package: air-brushing, candy-coated words, unquestioning support, polished camera angles, and non-stop, “can- do-no-wrong” brass kissing.

Ardern then rode to an electable majority, winning the 2020 election on the backs of both tragedy, and hysteria.

Most notably, the tragic eco-fascist Christchurch Mosque massacre and media magnified fear and uncertainty about COVID-19.

Rather than face an October 2023 election, and reap the whirlwind stirred up by widespread anger over the unnecessary draconian totalitarianism deployed to “mitigate” the Wuhan Virus, like every die-hard Socialist, Ardern is falling on her sword to save herself from scrutiny, and save the party from the shame of defeat.

Although the former Prime Minister has cited “burnout” as being the reason for her retirement, polling for New Zealand Labour is bad.

Ardern’s resignation is less about “not having enough in the tank to do the job justice,” and more about helping the party win 2023 at any cost.

This is backed by cult of Ardern loyalists who admit ‘having fresh leadership’ is a safe and effective way of increasing the left-wing Labour Party’s chances against the ‘social and economic fallout’ of Ardern’s “you will own nothing, eat crickets, and be happy” WEFtist COVIDIANISM.

Her cowardly early departure is a “polite” middle finger to the many victims of government overreach, excessive lockdowns, and militarised medical mandates.

Foregoing the adage “better the devil you know than the one you don’t,” hope for New Zealand’s classical liberal democracy is now a firm fixture on the horizon.

Her political passing brings to a close three years of warfare against a virus, which was instead waged against the very people that warfare was supposed to protect.

Worth mentioning here was the politically motivated ban of Rebel News journalist Avi Yemini and Rukshan Fernando, in October 2022, when their New Zealand visas were blocked, stopping the journalists from covering pro-freedom protests.

FOI correspondence at the time showed that “border alerts” put in place were based on the apparent hearsay, and misrepresentation of Yemini’s political beliefs, which was, by and large, misinformation promoted by pro-Ardern, the NZ Herald.

The coronavirus crisis was a unique opportunity for politicians. They get to seize absolute power, silence opponents, gag freedom of speech, and have the populace applaud them for doing so.

There were always two sides to the crisis, the actual virus itself, and the mind virus manufactured by bureaucrats for the cameras.

Hence the foreboding relevance of these words from former Marxist, turned Christian, Simone Weil in 1958:

“The bureaucratic machine, though composed of flesh, and well-fed flesh at that is nonetheless as irresponsible and as soulless as are the machines made of iron and steel. Instead of a clash of contrary opinions, we end up with an “official opinion” from which no one would be able to deviate. The result is a state religion that stifles all individual values, that is to say all values.”

With the “we will be your single source of truth” tyrant toppled, Ardern’s arrivederci is a boon for life, limb, and liberty.

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