All Blacks to wear LGBTQ rainbow, as they call for millions to fight against the Christian view of homosexuality

The All Blacks have hit back after Australian rugby star, Israel Folau, caused controversy last month by publicly citing the biblical view of homosexuality.

In a display of solidarity with the LGBTQ “community,” the New Zealand rugby team will now sport a jersey that reveals the LGBTQ rainbow when stretched. The new jerseys are part of the #DiversityIsStrength campaign, headed up by team sponsor AIG Insurance.

An ad for the campaign was also released on the All Blacks official Facebook page. In call-to-arms style, the ad’s narrator calls for thousands, even millions, to help fight in the “next battle” against the “formidable and deeply devious” enemy, that is, discrimination.

The next battle is different. The next enemy is truly formidable and deeply devious. It is discrimination. An enemy that cannot be fought alone. It must be defeated together. It will take more than fifteen, it will take thousands, millions… Diversity is strength.

Once upon a time, they called for “tolerance.” But as R.C. Sproul Jr. once rightly said, “Tolerance was never the goal, approval is. We who give the former but not the latter will not be tolerated.”

“Diversity” is the new buzzword now. It’s not enough to tolerate the LGBTQ lifestyle, you must embrace it. Ironically, it seems the new diversity has far more in common with the old intolerance.

What place is there for Christians on the All Black’s team? None – not unless they’re willing to play under the banner of something that fundamentally contradicts their faith. But of course, what they really mean by #DiversityIsStrength is that you ought to approve of them, not that they should so much as tolerate you.

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