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ABC’s ‘Play School’ features family with two gay dads

So it appears not even ABC KIDS is sacred! The station, designed for children under the age of six, shared a video on their official Facebook page earlier this month in celebration of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The clip originally featured on Play School as part of their ‘My Family, Your Family’ series. The video introduces viewers to a couple of young sisters and their “two dads.”

Play School’s executive producer, Jan Stradling told The Guardian, “The idea is to reflect current Australian society by showing a range of family structures and backgrounds.” This isn’t the first time Play School has featured homosexual parents. Back in 2004, to the anger of many family groups, the ‘through the window’ segment introduced young viewers to little Brenna Harding and her “two mums.”

The ABC’s agenda is startlingly obvious. They’re targeting our children. But it’s our duty to protect them. Gone are the days of letting your little ones watch the ABC without supervision. In fact, we’d do well to stop watching the ABC all together.

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