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WATCH: Mark Latham says employment quotas based on gender, race and sexual orientation should be made illegal.

Mark Latham, NSW Leader of One Nation, has said employment quotas should be made illegal because they fragment society and discriminate against straight, white, males.

“This is a recipe for social fragmentation,” Latham told Andrew Bolt on Sky News. “The only way you can ruin a fair, cohesive society is on merit. Treat people, not according to their identity categories, the collective approach. Treat them on their individual merit.

“When we talk about minorities, the smallest minority in any society is the individual. And unfortunately if you’re an individual in Australia today that’s classified as a straight, white, male it’s a terrible time for your treatment in institutions.

“Our sons can do well at school, they can get great results in university, but they’re not going to get a fair go in life. They’re going to be discriminated against under these employment quotas and they’ve got to be made illegal.”


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