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WATCH: Gender counsellor working with schools to help children as young as five transition to the opposite sex.

Gender counsellor Dr Elizabeth Riley spoke with Sky News Australia about New South Wales teachers being trained to identify potential transgender students.

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“Every school is going to have a transgender child,” Dr Riley claimed. “They may not be out, they may not be talking about it, they may not realise it, the parents might not support it, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not there.”

“The only indication for medical intervention or any other intervention is if a young person has gender dysphoria. Now, gender dysphoria is when they’re depressed and anxious and sometimes suicidal about the fact that their gender assigned at birth is incongruit with how they see their gender identity and how they experience themselves… It’s important that they get their needs met.”

In cases involving pre-pubescent children, Dr Riley said, “If the child is distressed, then we have a responsibility to reduce that distress… And that will only be if they’ve got gender dysphoria… In that case, if the child is younger than puberty, they may be able to do a social transition.”

“They may just do that at home, or with their family, or with their friends, or they may do it at school as well. In which case, there’s no intervention there that’s happening that’s permanent or life-changing. If for some reason the child changes their mind and says ‘I don’t want to do this’ then nothing has happened. It’s only when puberty comes that there’s any intervention possible.”


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