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Victorian Government pushes to make it easier for kids to change gender and alter birth certificates

The Victorian Government has reintroduced a bill to Parliament which would make it easier for transgender adults and children to change the gender on their birth certificate to any gender descriptor of their choosing.

Individuals wishing to change their gender can do so through a statutory declaration simply stating that they believe they are the sex they have nominated.

If the person wishing to change their gender does not identify as either male or female, an option will be provided for the individual to mark “X”.

“Equality is not negotiable,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said. “And we are well known, and I think, well viewed, for the fact that we treat every Victorian equally, with respect and dignity, and that, who you are is enough.

“You’re valued for exactly who you are. Those things mean a lot. They certainly mean a lot to me.”

Opposition leader, Michael O’Brien said, “I suppose society is grappling with that question of, is a birth certificate supposed to reflect how you were born or does it reflect how you identify at a point in time?”

According to the Victorian Women’s Guild, the bill raises concerns which encompass many spheres of life, including sports, women’s safety, children’s rights, and legal protection.

“What will this change mean for data collection, for example, tracking sex equality outcomes, or for crime statistics?” a spokesperson for the organisation said. “What are the implications for access to women’s single-sex spaces, or for measures put in place to tackle women’s underrepresentation? Why haven’t women been consulted on these changes?”

The bill, which was first blocked by the Coalition back in 2016, would also allow children to alter their birth certificates, provided they have parental support and a letter from either a doctor, registered psychologist or other ‘prescribed person’.

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