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Tommy Robinson faces jail after being found guilty of contempt of court: ‘I’ve been convicted of causing Muslim pedophiles anxiety’

Tommy Robinson is facing jail time again after being found guilty of contempt of court. Robinson was accused of breaching reporting restrictions by live-streaming outside Leeds Crown Court last year during the grooming gang trials.

Robinson denied the claim, saying he only broadcast information that was already published by other news outlets and in the public domain.

Two senior High Court judges, however, said Robinson’s conduct “amounted to serious interference with the administration of justice.”

One of the judges, Dame Victoria Sharp, said the court is yet to consider the penalty for contempt which carries a maximum two-year penalty. The date of sentencing was set for July 11.

Following the verdict, Robinson told RT News the charges have completely changed:

The British government continually slam Russia, they continually slam China, about free speech and about their treatment of journalists. Today, I’m going to be sent back to prison next week for the second time because I asked, as a journalist, I asked ‘how are you feeling about your sentence?’

The original charges have completely changed. The charges I was released from prison for, the charges I was cleared on, they spent five months, sitting, looking, and inventing more charges. My charges were that by asking the Muslim pedophiles how they feel about their verdict that that causes them anxiety.

So, I have been convicted of that – causing them anxieties, I’ve been convicted of that, I’ve been convicted of taking a picture of someone outside a court room.

Every journalist, you’ve watched the British journalists here, they all took pictures of me and they’ve actually ruled against what the British law is, on the judiciaries website: ‘Courts have no power under section 42 to prevent publication of material that is already in the public domain.’

I read off a BBC News website. Ok, everything I read, everything I said that day was already in the public domain. Do you know what they said in court? That, on their own website that’s wrong, that’s wrong.

Last year, Robinson was sentenced to 13-months in prison for contempt of court, however, the ruling was later quashed due to procedural matters and referred to the attorney general.

Former UKIP MEP, Gerard Batten, said: “Tommy Robinson has been found guilty of contempt of court for doing what the so-called MSM do every day of the week. If it had been a jury trial he might have got justice.

“The establishment have got what they want and the MSM will crow about it. A very sad and sinister day.”

“Tommy Robinson is a hero,” Geert Wilders tweeted after the ruling. “Political trials are criminal and Contempt of Freedom and Democracy.”

Commentator Katie Hopkins said: “Next time someone tells you ‘the law is the law’ remember Tommy Robinson. The law is whatever the Establishment wish to interpret it to be.

“Tommy Robinson will not survive time inside,” Hopkins warned. “This is how the British cleanse their Enemies of the State.”

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