“The Time When Culture Is Ready to Change Is Coming and That Is the Opportunity That Christians Need to Seize”: Dr Stephen Chavura

“People are recognising that things are going wrong…”

“The time when culture is ready to change is coming… and that is the opportunity that Christians need to seize,” said Dr Stephen Chavura at this year’s Not Ashamed National Conference.

In his presentation titled, The Kairos Moment: A Brief History of How to Change the World, Dr Charvura said people are noticing the secular humanist vision beginning to unravel, so Christians ought to be prepared for a cultural change.

“People are recognising that things are going wrong,” Dr Chavura explained. “And people are going to start asking, what went wrong? Where did we go wrong? And that is the opportunity that Christians need to seize. That is our kiros moment. It’s coming upon us real quick.

“We are not in control of culture, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be a part of cultural change. Culture does change, and the question is, are we going to be ready when it is ready to change in a good direction?”

The ACL kindly filmed the conference and shared the videos on their Facebook page. Dr Chavura’s speech can be viewed below:

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