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Taxpayers cover the cost after fashion party fundraiser lost almost $140,000

According to ABC News: “Sydney’s cash-strapped Powerhouse Museum splashed hundreds of thousands of dollars in public funds on a ball attended by models, designers and Foreign minister Julie Bishop.”

The event was supposed to be a fundraiser, but it lost nearly $140,000 and it was taxpayers who footed the bill.

“VIP guests on the night donated a total of $1,150 — three gifts of $50 each and one for $1,000. Combined with a portion of ticket sales, the total amount raised was $78,500.”

Andrew Bolt said, “The fundraising is just an excuse for a massive spending on themselves. The fact that just four of those freeloaded donated anything at all speaks volumes.”


Freedom of Information documents reveal the Powerhouse Museum used public funds to prop up a fashion party.


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