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Racism? ABC hires former Greens candidate who likes to “make fun of white people”

How do you define racism and bullying? The ABC have hired former Greens candidate, Osman Faruqi, to serve as deputy editor of a new lifestyle section on the taxpayer funded, public broadcaster’s website.

ABC spokesman told The Australian, Mr Faruqi, the son of Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi, will be included in ‘a new digital storytelling project created to reach new audiences in an innovative and engaging way.’

If you’re not familiar with Faruqi, he Tweets like a male (assuming) Yassmin Abdel-Magied. As you read from his feed, just replace “white” with “black” and ask yourself, would that be considered racist?

Black people don’t belong in Australia… white skin is objectively better… What if every episode of Q and A had no black people… Black people are getting f–ked… What’s with all black people looking the same when they get old… I’ll be forced to disavow my tweets making fun of black people.

Defund the ABC, now!

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