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Push for LGBTQI+ education across all school curricula begins less than a day after marriage redefined

Do you remember when advocates of same-sex marriage mocked the Coalition for Marriage for this video? Well, I hope Melissa Kang, Associate professor at University of Technology Sydney, wasn’t one of them.

In an article titled, We have marriage equality, now we need LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education in schools, Kang argues:

Australia voted in favour of equality. The marriage equality bill has passed, and the mandate to deliver inclusive sexuality education in schools is more pressing than ever. LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education should embrace diversity in the classroom, the staff-room and in whole-of-school policies.

LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education reduces negative stereotypes and biases, creating a safer school environment for LGBTQI+ students. When schools adopt inclusive policies across all school curricula (not just sexuality education), all students feel safer.

The Australian Conservatives responded in a Facebook post stating, “It took less than a day after marriage was redefined, and the push is on for Safe Schools. So, not a red herring after all – real consequences for families and children that the parliamentary majority ignored.”

Just more of the same old hypocrisy which has come to be expected from the Left.

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