The Caldron Pool Show: #37 – A Case for Calvinism (with Dr James White)

Could this be our most ‘triggering’ episode yet? What is Calvinism and is it biblical? Evelyn Rae chats with author, speaker, and professor James White about a doctrine that the Apostle Paul anticipated would upset his hearers (see Romans 9). In this episode, Dr White offers an outline of what “Calvinism” means and responds to some common objections.

The Caldron Pool Show: #34 What is Christian Nationalism? (with Doug Wilson)

Christian Nationalism. It’s been the subject of debate in recent days, and not just within the church. Mainstream media outlets have warned about it’s ‘threatening’ rise across Western nations. But what is Christian Nationalism? Is it really the dangerous ‘threat’ that its detractors would suggest or is it the answer to many of our social ills?

In this episode, Evelyn Rae chats with Doug Wilson, pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho to find out more. Pastor Wilson and his church were recently the subject of a segment titled, ‘The Rise of Christian Nationalism’ on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press.’

The Caldron Pool Show: #32 – Caesar and the Church (with Anthony Forsyth)

“Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s!” But what is Caesar’s? “Obey Caesar unless it’s sinful” has become an almost universal interpretation of Romans 13. But is that correct? When the government says, “Jump!” do we say, “How high?”

In this episode of The Caldron Pool Show, Evelyn Rae chats with Anthony Forsyth, author of “Caesar and the Church,” to discuss our churches’ varied responses to government mandates and restrictions. Anthony helps us to understand what the Bible says about authority and how it relates to the relationship between the civil government and the church.

The Caldron Pool Show: #31 – The Ezekiel Declaration

Exactly one year ago, The Ezekiel Declaration was published. The document was an open letter to the Australian Prime Minister opposing the implementation of vaccination passports, especially within the church.

Before long, the document went viral and attracted the support of over 3,000 concerned church leaders and more than 26,000 members and attendees. Its popularity also attracted critics, who lamented the letters ‘tone’ and accused the authors of casting doubt on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines that were being imposed on the public.

Of course, the criticisms did not age well. A year later, it’s safe to say the authors and signatories have now been entirely vindicated in their near-prophetic concerns.

In this episode of The Caldron Pool Show, Evelyn Rae chats with the three pastors who authored the declaration 12 months ago.

The Caldron Pool Show: #21 – Have You Heard of LOOR TV?

Forget Disney+ and Netflix. Here comes LOOR TV, a ‘crowdfunding platform that enables filmmakers to build whatever they want without the restrictive woke agenda, and get paid while doing it.’

In this episode of The Caldron Pool Show, Evelyn Rae chats with LOOR’s CEO, Marcus Pittman about the new project and how you can get behind a better entertainment alternative.