Senator Pauline Hanson will today ask the Australian Senate to acknowledge that it is okay to be white.

In a post on Twitter, Senator Hanson said, “I saw the huge overreaction to Lauren Southern’s t-shirt with that message and decided if the Senate won’t agree to this then we have to admit Australia truly has an anti-white racism problem.”

Senator Hanson’s motion reads: “I give notice that today I propose to move: That the Senate acknowledge: a) The deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation; b) It is okay to be white.”

Lauren Southern was heavily criticised after she touched down in Brisbane wearing a t-shirt that read, “It’s okay to be white.”

Southern appeared on Sky News following the backlash where she said, “If I were black, I could say I’m proud. If I were Asian, I could say I’m proud. If I were any other ethnicity I could say I’m proud, because that’s how our culture is. But if I’m white and I say I’m proud, the media will go nuts.”