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Mark Latham says LGBTQ “diversity and inclusion” policies “exclude and divide”: Nothing for Christians, heterosexuals, unemployed, and low income people

Mark Latham has slammed the NSW Government’s “diversity and inclusion” staffing policies in the public service, and the new LGBTIQ Network, branding it a policy of “exclusion and division.”

NSW Government bureaucrats admitted on Monday that their policy does not reflect a number of groups in the community, despite affirming that a world-class public service ought to “reflect the diversity of the community it serves.”

The NSW One Nation leader accused the state government of adopting a “very selective diversity” policy, which excludes Christians, heterosexuals, homeless, public housing tenants, the unemployed and low-income earners.

“The CHULIPS are totally left out of Minister Don Harwin’s NSW Public Service diversity code, Rainbow Waratah and LGBTIQ Network,” Mr Latham said in a post on Facebook. “There’s nothing for: Christians Heterosexuals Unemployed Low Income People.”

“It’s a policy of exclusion and division,” he added, “driving down productivity and creating distractions, even for pointy-headed economists in NSW Treasury (who should be much more rational than believing identity is more important than competence and merit selection).”


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