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LGBTQ support organisation for TEENS issues ‘casting call’ for LGBTQIA+ people who are ‘comfortable being photographed in their underwear’

An Australian LGBTQ youth support organisation has issued a “casting call” for “out and proud queer people” who are comfortable being photographed in their underwear.

A post on the Minus18 Youth’s social media profiles said: “Casting Call: for out an proud queer people… We’re looking for a diverse range of INDIVIDUALS and COUPLES in the LGBTQIA+ community to be part of a truly inclusive national underwear campaign.”

“We are also casting FAMILIES with this community – mother/s or father/s with a BABY, TODDLER or CHILD (size 000 to 4).”

The post included a controversial, sexualised image from a recent Bonds Christmas campaign featuring two near-naked adult homosexual men kissing.

The call went on to say that applicants must be “comfortable being photographed in their underwear.”

Wendy Francis, Queensland state director for the Australian Christian Lobby said on Twitter: “Minus18 is supposed to be a support group for vulnerable children and here they are recruiting them to pose in their underwear.”

Minus18 describes itself as Australia’s largest youth-led organisation for same-sex attracted and gender diverse teens.

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