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Jordan Peterson’s emotional interview with Dennis Prager: If we can’t understand the shadow of creation, we fail to appreciate its light

Dennis Prager’s interview with Jordan Peterson from March this year has its cringe-worthy moments. All in all, though, it’s worth hearing. As you know I’m cautious about Peterson. I’d like to hear him be more direct about how faith informs his theological statements.

More often than anything else, Peterson focuses on the humanity of Christ and comes across as a curious spectator. He sees that there’s more to Jesus Christ, but is bound by the conventions of thought inherited through a revisionist system that is at best, begrudgingly tolerant of Biblical Christianity (Judeo-Christianity) and is at its worst, completely hateful of Biblical Christianity and anything related to it.

This is understandable given that Peterson’s academic history and that his field is psychology. The concern is that he skirts around the incarnation of Christ, and more dangerously seems to flirt with an abstract notion of it.

Continue to pray for him. The interview is as close as I’ve heard him get to any acknowledgement of Jesus Christ’s divinity, re. the incarnation of the Word of God.

Among others, one accurate takeaway point can be summarised as this: if we cannot understand the shadows of creation, we will fail to appreciate the light. This partially echoes some of Karl Barth’s discussion in CD 3:3 on how sin and nothingness are not part of the shadows of creation but are an ‘alien element’ that manipulates the shadows in it’s opposition to creation as a whole.


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