How the Oligarchs Planned to Enslave the World

“According to these published targets, by 2030 they want you to be down to eating only 300 grams of meat or even zero grams if they can achieve it.”

The WEF oligarchs want to subject the global population to controlled starvation, to reduce our ability to buy clothing and eliminate all internal combustion vehicles. Below are their targets for 2030.

These targets are in addition to their planned Great Reset, where they intend to reset the global financial system, ban cash, introduce their BIS global central bank digital currency (CBDC), a programmable currency, and control our ability to buy or sell. That requires total surveillance and locking us in 15-minute cities aka digital prisons.

According to these published targets (see full document here), by 2030 they want you to be down to eating only 300 grams of meat or even zero grams if they can achieve it. The rest I suppose will be bug protein. But the keratin, the shell of the bugs, is highly allergenic to humans. So in reality they want us to starve to death. They do not want you to be eating any meat at all. And no dairy at all.

You will have to live on 2500 kcal per day. The average male needs 2500 kcal per day just to maintain condition. If physically active, he needs much more than that.

But of course, they will have the best steaks, won’t they? I have seen the Hunger Games movies. That is the standard they aspire to.

Serfdom and slavery are what they have planned for the masses who survive the mass culling from bioweapon shots, the engineered weather events, engineered fires, and the engineered wars.

They want to eliminate all private vehicles. But you should know that that won’t apply to them because they have to oversee the rest of us. We are just the herd and they are the masters of the universe.

The idea of extending the lifetime of the body of a vehicle to 50 years, reminds me of Cuba. They had no imports after the US blockade so the people became very inventive and even made by hand-machine parts to keep the old Russian-made vehicles going for decades past their use-by-date. Is that our future too?

Like in the Hunger Games, the masses who are left alive will have to eke out an existence with very few resources, few clothing items and rudimentary means of survival.

So how do you enslave the masses? Take away most of their food, and keep them close to starvation! Most of all take away meat because meat is the key to health in this modern age. Plant-based or bug-based diets just don’t cut it. Many people will develop malnutrition on such diets and become extremely weak. Perfect eh? Such people cannot rebel against their oligarch masters.

Then they are already shutting down our energy sources. Their plan is to eliminate all gas and coal-fired electricity generation, to eliminate or severely reduce diesel and gasoline use. Some privileged will still be able to take a commercial airline flight but no more than once in two years. Certainly, the serfs won’t have access to that.

Of course, the masters of the universe, the oligarch rulers, the leaders of the mega-corporations and international banks, will still fly around on their private jets as someone has to manage the herd.

They will remove all items that allow the masses to live independently of the mega-corporations. But with regards to everything they do they will convince the masses it is for the good of the planet, to save the planet from global boiling and global steaming.

You think that is crazy! No politician would consider that!

Think again. The Australian government is planning just that. Reduce the number of clothing items you can buy. And they are going to ramp up the taxes on the standard work vehicle, the Aussie ute, what Americans call a truck. These are the backbone of small independent businesses like tradesmen. They want them off the roads. How stupid can these politicians be?

Australia is well ahead with the WEF/UN Agenda 2030 with only six coal-fired power stations left. And they plan to shut down all of them while other countries are furiously building more. China builds about three new ones every day. Somehow shutting down our tiny contribution of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is going to cool the planet.

No! It is a scam! It is a Marxist takeover! Don’t fall for it!

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