Davos Oligarchs Only Want the Best For Us, Right?

“Satire aside, we need to resist the lunatics at all costs.”

Satire: With all the elites flying their private jets to the WEF meeting at Davos and the Conference of the Parties (COP) to assess progress in dealing with man-made global boiling and climate change you have to wonder how they can get away with producing all that carbon dioxide gas.

By 2050, it’s estimated that aviation will contribute 22% of global carbon emissions — still, in 2019, more than 600 private planes arrived at the Davos Forum, and that doesn’t include the military planes that transported an additional 60 presidents and prime ministers.

Children’s Health Defense

One of those private planes alone allegedly emits in one year more CO2 than you will in your lifetime driving your car. So how do they get away with it?

The answer will surprise you. The globalist oligarchs have spent enormous resources to develop a new vaccine to give them immunity to emitting any CO2 at all. And apparently, the vaccine, designated Vax-NOCO2, also works on all their aircraft and internal combustion-powered vehicles.

It is no surprise after all. They have thought of all this because they want to help the planet fight against this dangerous gas. They put us and the earth’s environment first in all their considerations. They only want what best for us all. They never put themselves before others. We are always in their thoughts.

All the billions of dollars they make in running their green energy scams, oops I mean, schemes, is only for the good and prosperity of us all. They are only building solar farms and wind turbine conglomerates because they know we will all die if they don’t. It is a small cost to have to kill all those endangered birds and cetaceans.

The big breakthrough is their development of a climate control vaccine that they have rolled out for those attending meetings like Davos. This has allowed them to continue to plan the formation of a one world government that they have been working on since the 1970s. They can fly to Switzerland and make their plans with impunity because they know their planes produce no carbon dioxide gas.

Therefore all their totally benevolent plans to inject everyone on the planet with a programmable microchip and a unique digital ID could only be implemented by their numerous meetings at Davos and other totally benign meetings around the world.  All this is only to benefit mankind. It couldn’t be for any other purposes, could it?

They want a better life for us all. By corralling us into 15-minute cities they only want what is good for us. It is so much easier to control us, I mean free us, in small confining residential spaces. They promise we will own nothing and we will be happy in our little enclaves. That way is so much better because we won’t need to worry about buying stuff we don’t need. They would never tell us any lies, so it must all be true.

Immunity to producing any CO2 has also allowed the oligarchs to live sumptuous lifestyles, like the rich and famous have always done. Because they are immune to making CO2 their bodies need a higher supply of opulent foods and drinks and they need to boost enjoyment in their lives since they always sacrifice everything for the good of mankind.

Their anti-CO2 vaccines have also given them immunity to all the diseases caused by climate change. These diseases include myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attack, stroke, cancer, blood clots, and even sterility and death. These are all known to be caused by boiling oceans and increased CO2 in the atmosphere not COVID vaccines as some conspiracy theorists suggest. The oligarchs can be confident that once they have taken their 3rd booster of the Vax-NOCO2 vaccine they will have protected themselves. If they are protected then they cannot pass those diseases to the rest of us. This is just so considerate of them. We are always on their minds.

They know there are too many of us so they have developed very benevolent plans to help us out by generously giving us a good death – euthanasia. This will really help us all and reduce the biggest source of CO2 on planet earth. They hope to reduce the global population down to about one million of them and a half billion slaves, I mean servants, to run things.

We are always on their minds. Aren’t they so generous? No expense is spared in providing us with a painless way out from all the discomfort of global boiling and climate change. Don’t you just love the oligarchs?

Well, listening to Senator Malcolm Roberts you would not think so.

The UN-WEF menu plan for the West is about power over the necessities of life — food, energy and water.

This unelected socialist bureaucracy, with their loyalty directed to foreign power centres, are busy punishing you and the Australian economy using this made-up concept of a carbon footprint.

The truth is, our agricultural footprint in Australia does not contribute to global “emissions” — not that this would be a problem anyway. Australia has so many trees, grass and crops that every atom of CO2 and methane we produce is re-absorbed into the environment, producing higher growth and healthier soils.

Satire aside, we need to resist the lunatics at all costs. Give no place to the delusions they peddle. There is no global warming, ocean boiling or climate change from human emissions of any greenhouse gases, let alone carbon dioxide. It is another global scam to remove our freedoms hard won by our ancestors. If you can’t see that, we are lost. See you in the gulag!

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