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Christian baker sued for a THIRD time: ‘The state’s open hostility has created a lack of tolerance towards Christians’

Anti-Christian activists are again targetting a Colorado baker for his refusal to create custom LGBTQ-themed cakes.

This is the third time activists have sued Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, despite the fact that Phillips has always opened his doors to everyone, including LGBTQ people.

“People of all walks of life are always welcome in the store,” Phillips said back in 2017. “I serve everybody. I just don’t make cakes for every event.”

Phillips’ Christian conviction prevents him from using his artistry to decorate cakes that endorse a message contrary to his faith.

“There are certain messages I don’t create,” Phillips explained. “I don’t do cakes for Halloween. I don’t do cakes that would promote sexual things, or anti-American things, or things that would disparage other people, including those who identify as LGBT.”

During his past ordeals, Phillips’ small family business suffered immensely. At one point, Phillips decided that his cakeshop would no longer make any wedding cakes. That decision cost the business up to 40% of their income.

“Before this happened, I had 10 people on the payroll,” Phillips said. “Now, I have four, counting me.”

Phillips recently sat down with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham to discuss the latest lawsuit saying, he really feels as though he’s being harassed.

“I’ve been sued by the state twice now and they’ve lost both times,” Phillips told Ingraham. “The attorney that instigated the second lawsuit against me, has now taken it to sue me personally. This time, asking for damages and legal fees which would lead me to bankruptcy and ruin my company.”

Jeremy Tedesco, Phillips’ attorney told Ingraham: “We can’t forget the state’s role in this too. The state in it’s open hostility to Jack has clearly created a lack of tolerance for people like him. And now we see private individuals stepping into the shoes of the state, and trying to do to Jack what the state couldn’t do.”


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