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Burger King drops “ham” from “hamburgers” because it’s disrespectful to Muslims

Burger King in South Africa is removing the word “ham” from “hamburgers” in an effort to accommodate Muslim customers and “be more respectful” of Islamic beliefs.

According to Business Insider: “On Friday the chain confirmed it has changed the names of three of its products. What was previously known as a ‘Double Spicy Hamburger’ will now just be a ‘Double Spicy Burger’; the ‘Triple Hamburger with Cheese’ becomes the ‘Triple Burger with Cheese’, and ‘Hamburger King Jr’ on the kid’s menu will now be just a ‘Kids Burger’.”

Despite the fact that hamburgers don’t actually contain pork products, the chain said in a statement that the names will be changed “to be more respectful of” its Muslim client base.

Ironically, at the same time, the chain will also be introducing a line of bacon items to its South African menu. From September 1, a total of 44 restaurants, which had previously been entirely halal, will now offer non-halal food.

In other words, Burger King is introducing hamburgers containing 100% more pork than the burgers they’ve renamed.

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