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A guest on Good Morning Britain has claimed the English flag and St George’s Cross are the most racist symbols in Britain. “This flag has been used by the Right, also by people like Nigel Farage, to push an image of Englishness which is exclusive,” the guest explained. You have to understand what Englishness is, and we have to have a proper conversation. There are some good parts [to England], but there are also some pretty bad parts. Look at Colonialism, look at slavery, look at these things. You can’t just say it’s all great. There’s a reason why the far-right…

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Avi Yemini and Charlie from Verum Media have sat down to talk about their common goals. The 20-minute exchange can be viewed below. There is a growing new media trend in Australia. It’s pretty well established overseas now. Australians are slowly getting used to the idea, but it is growing.

A South African man has posted a video to social media expressing his sadness and anger following the recent brutal attacks on white farmers. The man also thanked Australia for their efforts in trying to help the situation. Where is the outrage? Where is the outrage from the South African government? Where is the outrage from the South African media? Where is it? No where to be seen. I really just want to express my gratitude as well to Australia for stepping in and really just trying to help people get to safety… 

During question and answer time, Charlie Kirk, from Turning Point USA, is asked about the myth of “White Privilege.” You’re not any less right and you’re not any less correct just because you’re a white person or you’re a black person. Truth transcends color. Kirk’s full response can be viewed below.