What is Caldron Pool?

Welcome to Caldron Pool! A conservative website for news, current affairs and cultural opinion.

A question you’re probably already asking is, ‘Why is it called Caldron Pool?’ Especially when so many of its articles are so unashamedly Christian.

Well, it obviously has nothing to do with the occult. Contrary to what some people claim, we are not the concoction of a witch’s brew or something similar.

Instead, the name is a reference to the great C. S. Lewis’, The Chronicles of Narnia. The title, ‘By Caldron Pool’ is the title of the first chapter, of the final book of the series, The Last Battle.

The opening scene involves an Ape named Shift, and a talking donkey called Puzzle. And as they are walking together, they come to the shore of Caldron Pool under the waterfall of the cliffs in western Narnia.

Shift and Puzzle immediately find an old yellow lion skin which, by the end of the book, is ultimately redeemed and restored in the glorious new creation. But before that event happens, Shift tries to lead Puzzle astray by following a false Aslan (i.e. king).

This metaphor sums up the three primary goals of this particular site:

First, to demonstrate the truth of Christianity over all other religions while discerning the underlying deceptions of alternate worldviews.

Second, to highlight the dangerous and irrational outcomes of rejecting the truths of the Bible both in one’s personal life as well as the wider culture.

Third, to illustrate how the teachings of both the Old and New Testament provide the only sound basis for securing fundamental human rights and political freedoms.

Our hope is that this site will be a spiritual blessing to all who visit it. And we pray that, as with Puzzle, you experience the riches of the ‘real story’ that is yet to be read, but which goes on forever and ever: and in which every chapter is better than the one before.

At Caldron Pool, we are committed to accuracy and ensure all of our content is properly sourced and cited, either directly linked within the piece, if not referenced at the end.

Caldron Pool receives no funding or support from any politician, political party, or any other organisation. Any funding received is generated through advertising and the generosity of our readers.

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