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Hungarian Foreign Minister says, multiculturalism has failed, Europe must find a way back to their Christian roots.

In September the European Union voted to strip Hungary of its voting rights in retaliation for their anti-immigration policies.

Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto told CBN News, “Basically it’s revenge. The European parliament has a majority of MEPs who are pro-migration, absolutely pro-migration.

“And since the Hungarian government has proven in the last three and a half years that migration is a negative phenomenon, migration is dangerous, and migration can and must be stopped, this annoys the majority of the members of the European parliament. This annoys the bureaucrats in Brussels. This annoys the European commission…”

Szijjarto went on to warn that if Europe can’t find a way back to their Christian roots and heritage, Europe will never be strong again. For this reason, Hungary has resolved to preserve their Christian faith, heritage, and family values.

“We have been a Christian country for a millennium. Why should we give it up? Who will be the judge over Hungarian history and the will of the Hungarian people?”


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