Former transgender woman destroys the current trans-trend

Walt Heyer was born in California in 1931. By 1962 Heyer was married and had two children with his wife. But at the age of 42, things changed. Heyer divorced his wife, changed his name to Laura Jenson and began to live as a woman. Soon after Heyer received breast implants and had his genitalia removed.

Eventually, Heyer began to realise the transition helped little with his mental struggle. After eight years Heyer underwent a second sex-change. This time, reverting back to a man. Through the help of Christian groups, Heyer was able to put his life back on track. He later married for a second time.

You can read more about Heyer’s story over at Culture Watch.

Heyer has now set out to assist those, like him, who suffer regret following “gender reassignment procedures. In the clip below, Heyer discusses some of the major issues with the whole transgender trend today:

The problem is that they’re diagnosing kids like I was with gender dysphoria when they don’t have gender dysphoria, they’re just curious.

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