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What comes after same-sex marriage? Part 8

Part 8. What comes after same-sex marriage? You only have to look to the countries that have already redefined the institution to get an idea.

When Jesse Thompson, a transgender hockey player, was 17 she filed a complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. At the time, Hockey Canada’s dressing room policy required children aged 11 years and older to change in separate rooms, depending on the child’s biological gender. Following the complaint, the dressing room policy in Ontario was changed to allow transgender players to use the dressing room of their choosing. Young boys changing with girls, young girls changing with boys.

This season, all Ontario’s minor hockey coaches, trainers and managers are required to undergo mandatory transgender training developed by an LGBTQ human rights organisation. Any coach, manager or trainer to opt-out will be denied registration by their minor hockey association. Phillip McKee, executive director of Ontario Hockey Federation, said, “It provides information on gender itself, explaining what gender identity is and what makes up gender identity and expression.”

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