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What comes after same-sex marriage? Part 11

Part 11. What comes after same-sex marriage? You only have to look to the countries that have already redefined the institution to get an idea.

Alicia Gunn is a public school teacher from Mississauga, Ontario. She has won awards for her teaching methods and has had her work endorsed by the Ontario government. She happens to be also a lesbian, ‘married’ to a woman.

At a pro-gay teachers’ conference in 2015, Gunn revealed how she teaches 9 to 10 year old kids to accept homosexuality. “…I can hide it a little bit in the math,” Gunn revealed. “And what I mean is I can say, ‘I’m just teaching your kid about division…'”

As an example, Gunn displayed her math class on triangles. The lesson was based on the pink triangle used in Nazi concentration camps to identify sexual offenders, rapists, paedophiles, zoophiles, and homosexuals.

Gunn explains, “The pink triangle was a badge of shame that the Nazis made gay men wear during the holocaust. So what we did is take a look at all the different badges of shame that people would have been wearing. Now mathematically where we were is looking at different types of triangles… So, that was the math aspect. But more importantly was the [pro-homosexual] thinking that went into it.”

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