WATCH: The video where Ben Shapiro gets owned?

The clip has been doing the rounds on Twitter. It’s an excerpt from the Sunday Special segment on The Ben Shapiro Show, and it features special guest Tucker Carlson.

Shapiro asked Carlson, “Would you, Tucker Carlson, be in favor of restrictions on the ability of trucking companies to use this sort of technology specifically to, you know, sort of artificially maintain the number of jobs that are available in the trucking energy?”

Carlson replies:

Are you joking? In a second. In a second! In other words, if I were president and ran the Department of Transportation, we’re not letting driverless trucks on the road, period. Why? Really simple. Driving for a living is the simple most common job for high school educated men in this country in all 50 states.

Okay, that’s the same group whose wages have gone down by 11 percent over the past thirty years. The social cost of limiting their jobs in a ten-year span, five-year span, thirty-year span is so high that it’s not sustainable, so the greater good is protecting your citizens.

Look, capitalism is the best economic system I can think of, I think that anyone’s ever thought of, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a religion and everything about it is good,” Carlson went on to say. “There’s no Nicene Creed of capitalism that I have to buy into, what I care about is living in a country where decent people can live happy lives, and so, no, I would say, no, are you joking?

Whether you agree with Carlson or Shapiro or sit somewhere in between, an important point to note is how conservative men can passionately debate, rationally exchange ideas, and respectfully disagree. Characteristics foreign to the political left.


You can watch the full interview below: