Video: Grandmothers Attacked, Doused in Paint, Told: “This isn’t your world anymore!”

Two elderly women have been attacked, and one doused in paint, after attempting to defend the Portland Police Department’s East Precinct from rioters.

The Portland Police Department tweeted a photo of one of the elderly women, moments after her attacker poured a tin of white paint over her head outside the precinct on Thursday night.

Video uploaded to social media shows the hostile mob surrounding the woman, shouting, “This isn’t your world anymore!” The footage also shows a man wrapping police tape around the woman.

Another elderly woman, with a walker and a “BLM” sign, was captured on video pleading with protesters to end their violence, as rioters attempted to break through the precinct barricade.

Other footage from the riot shows the woman attempting to extinguish a barrel fire next to the building.

The incident comes just one day after rioters attempted to set the same station on fire before police officers forced them from the area.

The Portland Police Department tweeted a call out from the Pacific Northwest’s Youth Liberation Front group for the follow-up Thursday night riot saying:

“This call for direct action for ’round 2′ in East Precinct will not go unanswered. This announcement means there is intent to engage in violent acts like we saw last night where attempts were made to burn an occupied building and people in vehicles tried to run over officers.

“We believe the intention of the crowd outside East Precinct is to vandalize or attempt to burn down the precinct,” the department added. “If you attempt to break in to or burn East Precinct you will be subject to arrest and the use of force to include crowd control munitions.”

It was estimated that about 200 rioters responded to the call.

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