U.K. Prime Minister Warns He Will Use the Army To Enforce New Restrictions If Necessary

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he may use the British Army to help enforce COVID restrictions on those who flout the rules after the virus threat level was raised from three to four yesterday.

According to The Sun: “Troops from three battalions will step-in if armed police are overstretched. Plans seen by The Sun show infantry soldiers armed with SA80 assault rifles, are ready to be drafted in. Around 500 troops will form the first wave of reinforcements with 12 hours notice to move, defence sources said.”

Johnson today announced new lockdown measures that could last six months, including curfews on pubs and a £200 fine for failing to wear a mask. The Prime Minister said the government will not hesitate to employ the Army to help enforce the new rules.

“As for that minority who may continue to flout the rules we will enforce those rules with tougher penalties and fines of up to £10,000,” Johnson said.

“We will put more police out on the streets and use the Army to backfill if necessary.”

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