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Tucker Carlson Is Not Responsible for Any Mass Shootings

"Their focus on Tucker Carlson is nothing but a cynical ploy to frighten conservatives out of holding what they deem to be 'unacceptable views,' and to persuade others that anyone who listens to Tucker Carlson must be dangerous and crazy."

In the wake of the recent mass shooting in Buffalo, which left ten people dead, Leftist media outlets are claiming that Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson’s criticisms of the Democratic Party’s immigration policies have fuelled this attack.

The suspect, 18-year-old white supremacist Payton Gendron, appears to have deliberately targeted a predominately black neighbourhood in Buffalo to carry out his killing spree, and he uploaded a manifesto online in which he stated his reason for the shooting.

As Tucker rightly reported today, the document is not really a manifesto so much as a hodgepodge of incoherent rambling and internet memes. The shooter believes that the “white race” is being systematically “replaced” by non-whites throughout the Western world to eliminate white people, an idea known as the “Great Replacement Theory.”

From the document: “We must crush immigration and deport those invaders already living on our soil. It is not just a matter of our prosperity, but the very survival of our people.”

The Leftist corporate media are claiming that the Buffalo shooter’s Great Replacement Theory and Tucker Carlson’s comments about immigration are one and the same, and therefore Tucker is, at least in part, responsible for this deadly event. By extension, so is anyone who agrees with Tucker.

Rolling Stone featured an article with the headline: ‘The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t a ‘Lone Wolf.’ He’s a Mainstream Republican’, which claimed, “[the shooter’s] fixations mirror those of the right-wing more broadly, from violent transphobia to a loathing of immigration to a preoccupation with the possibility of civil war.” In other words, if you oppose transgender ideology, immigration, or have thought about the possibility of secession in America, you and the Buffalo shooter belong in the same extremist category, and therefore must be silenced.

However, in his rambling document, the shooter didn’t mention Fox News or Tucker Carlson at all. In fact, he tells us what inspired him:

“I would get my news from the front page of Reddit… My race was doomed, and there was nothing I could do about it. But then after browsing /pol/ one day, I saw a short gif of a man walking into a building and shooting a shotgun through a dark hallway. I didn’t think anything of it, but then I saw it again, and I looked up who this person was. I thought to myself, ‘Why did this person do it?’ That person was Brenton Tarrant, and after some searches I found the 17 minute livestream of him attacking the Al-Noor mosque. I eventually found his manifesto and read it, and I found that I mostly agreed with him.”

Brenton Tarrant is the white supremacist shooter who murdered 51 people at a Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2019. Tarrant also wrote a manifesto explaining his motivations for his massacre, and Gendron makes frequent mention of Tarrant as his main inspiration.

For example, Gendron writes, “Brenton’s livestream started everything you see here. Brenton started my real research into the problems with immigration and foreigners in our White lands, without his livestream I would likely have no idea about the real problems the West is facing.” Again, Gendron makes no mention of Tucker Carlson or any mainstream conservative pundits.

The Christchurch shooter, Tarrant, explains in detail what motivated him to carry out his attack. His reasoning is distorted, of course, and he rants about the “white race” being under attack, but once again there is no mention of Tucker Carlson or mainstream conservative media. One gets the impression from both manifestos that neither shooter spent much time watching mainstream media, as both express disdain for popular news outlets.

If the Buffalo shooter is honestly recalling what motivated him to carry out his attack, then it was Tarrant’s example, as well as posts on Reddit and 4Chan, that sparked his homicidal desire, not Tucker Carlson. In fact, a considerable portion of his manifesto is devoted to the assertion that mainstream media outlets are controlled by “The Jews.”

So, why is the Left holding Tucker Carlson responsible for the attack?

Tucker has talked openly about the Democrats’ open-borders immigration policies since the beginning of Joe Biden’s presidency, arguing that the main reason Democrats are so pro-immigration (including illegal immigration) is that more immigrants would mean more potential Democratic voters. Joe Biden has openly declared his intentions to grant citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants. There is an obvious political incentive for him to do so – it could potentially win him 11 million votes.

According to Tucker, the aim of the Biden administration is “the replacement of legacy Americans with more obedient people from faraway countries.” In another segment he said, “The Left, and all the little gatekeepers on Twitter, become literally hysterical when you use the term ‘replacement.’ If you suggest the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate… with new people, more obedient voters from the third world.”

Tucker’s argument is that the Biden administration is trying to replace traditional, conservative voters with immigrants who are more likely to vote Democrat (thanks to their lenient immigration policies). He has not claimed that the “white race” is being replaced, nor has he ever promoted violence or hostility towards immigrants. There’s nothing racist or even remotely controversial about Tucker’s statements – it’s just politics. Studies have shown that immigrants to America are more likely to vote Democrat. The Democrats know this, which is why they support immigration at all costs, and Tucker simply points this out.

Of course, in the eyes of the Left, being concerned about illegal or mass immigration means you’re a racist. Never mind your concerns about the Democrats automatically giving themselves millions of new voters, or the general societal and cultural breakdown occurring in Western nations due to mass immigration. If you agree with Tucker, you must be a racist, homicidal maniac. It’s guilt by association, designed to intimidate you into silence.

The Left can’t establish a meaningful connection between Tucker and the Buffalo shooter. One MSN article astutely observed, “The Buffalo shooter said in his manifesto that he got his ideas ‘mostly from the internet,’ which is also where Carlson gets most of his.” Ground-breaking stuff.

Despite the lack of evidence, besides out-of-context clips of Tucker discussing Biden’s immigration policies, the Leftist media have seized the opportunity to slander the man who is arguably their greatest opponent as a racist who is inciting violence. There is no tangible connection between anything Tucker has said and what the Buffalo shooter did, just an erroneous assertion that because Tucker criticises the Democrats’ cynical, voter-grabbing immigration policies and has used the word “replacement,” (referring to voters, not race) he and a mass murderer must hold the same ideology.

Six months ago, a black supremacist, Darrel Brooks, killed six people (including an eight-year-old boy) with his car at a Wisconsin Christmas parade. He was a supporter of Black Lives Matter, the Marxist organisation which Western mainstream media outlets openly praised. Brooks’ killing spree was quickly scrubbed from the news cycle. Yet we will now hear incessantly about white supremacy in the American media as they approach their mid-term elections. Black supremacist crimes don’t suit the ideological narrative, so they must be erased from history. White supremacist crimes suit the systemic racism, pro-immigration narrative, so they must be presented as the most pressing issue of our times and connected to mainstream conservative voices like Tucker Carlson.

Don’t be fooled by the corporate media into thinking that being concerned about illegal or mass immigration makes you a racist, or a sympathiser of extremists. Their focus on Tucker Carlson is nothing but a cynical ploy to frighten conservatives out of holding what they deem to be “unacceptable views,” and to persuade others that anyone who listens to Tucker Carlson must be dangerous and crazy.

There is an immigration crisis in America that the Democrats are exploiting for votes, and that’s all Tucker has been saying. The corporate media desperately want to distract you from this, and they will falsely suggest that factual conservative views on immigration are inspiring mass shootings to do it.