Slovakians Can’t Leave Their Homes Unless They Undergo Mandatory COVID-19 Testing

Slovakians will effectively be confined to their homes unless they provide proof that they have recently tested negative for COVID-19.

The rule, which comes into effect next week, means Slovakians cannot return to work, travel to the country, or visit the post office until they undergo mandatory testing.

RT reports: “From next Wednesday, January 27, Slovakians who have failed to obtain test results proving they are not infected will be effectively confined to their homes. Such routine things as traveling to the workplace, walking to the post office, or countryside trips (for those aged 15-65 years) will be off-limits.”

There are few exceptions to the rule, but these include visits to the doctor and grocery shopping.

“We decided to go for the ideal combination, a lockdown with massive testing,” Prime Minister Igor Matovic said during a press conference.

According to Reuters, the tighter measures are in effect until February 7, however, the rules can ease if the number of hospitalised patients drops below 2,500.

There are presently said to be 3,067 people in hospital with COVID-19 in the country.