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Safe Schools: Safe for schools, but not TV

The Coalition for Marriage just released a new ad featuring content from the Safe Schools program. The material in the commercial was considered so explicit that the industry body deemed the video unacceptable for general viewing. According to the Australian, Free TV advised the Coalition for Marriage that the 30-second ad warranted an “MA” classification and could only be aired after 8:30pm due to “depictions of implied sexual activity and verbal sexual references.”

When the Coalition for Marriage pointed out that the content was education materials approved by various state governments, they were told that according to the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice, the material was not appropriate for minors.

Lyle Shelton, spokesman for the Coalition for marriage said, “It is beyond belief that taxpayer-funded LGBTIQ sex and gender education materials openly made available to students of all ages are given an MA rating for television.” Source

The commercial can be viewed below:

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