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Pastor Says Officers Responsible for George Floyd’s Death Should Receive the Death Penalty

Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church in Phoenix, Arizona has said the officers involved in the death of George Floyd should receive the death penalty if found guilty of his murder.

Durbin, a World Champion Martial Artist, who has trained both police officers and military personnel, said the officers involved should have known that applying such pressure to the neck stops blood flow to the brain.

“This officer should know that,” he said. “They know how to do rear-naked chokes, they know how to subdue somebody and use pain compliance. They’re taught how to make people fall asleep and hold them.

“This officer has his body weight on the man’s neck. That could very, very possibly… stop the blood flow in this man’s neck from his artery to his brain. And here’s the key thing: Anybody who is worth their salt in this kind of field knows that you do not hold somebody’s carotid artery for long periods of time unless you’re trying to kill them.”

Durbin said the narrative must be about justice and that “mob justice” is an injustice in itself. If George Floyd is to be honored, then God’s standard of justice must be sought.

“It doesn’t matter if a person’s guilty, and you’re really angry. Mob justice is a sin. This needs to be handled in God’s institution that handles issues of justice. Punished with cross-examination, witnesses, judge, sentence, proof, evidence. Justice must be upheld.”

Durbin went on to say, “If you want justice and satisfaction, it ain’t going to come by stealing lamps out of Target.”

According to Pastor Durbin, if the officers are found to be responsible for Floyd’s death, then the state should execute them immediately.

“I believe that the police officers involved in the murder of George Floyd should be quickly tried, justly tried with, of course, the eye witness evidence that all of us have seen… the evidence should be provided, and I believe they should be executed immediately. Death penalty.

“That’s God’s standard of how you deal with murder, which is exactly what this was,” he said.


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