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Panahi: “Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world. Sadly, many of its leaders are too weak to acknowledge the threat posed by Islamist extremism”

Sky News’ Rita Panahi has drawn attention to the harrowing plight of Christians who continue to suffer at the hands of Islamist forces in the Middle East and Africa.

“It’s been called ethnic cleansing,” Panahi said. “But religious genocide would be more accurate.”

“The plight of Christians in parts of Africa is harrowing, with regular reports of violence in Nigeria, Eritrea, the Congo, Central African Republic, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, and a number of other countries.”

“Where is the pope, one wonders, as thousands of his followers are driven out of their homes, abused or killed for merely observing their religious beliefs.

“Why isn’t the plight of persecuted Christians a far greater focus for the pontiff and other Christian leaders around the world who grandstand about Islamophobia, global warming, welfare reform, almost anything other than attacks against Christians,” she added.


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