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Milo Yiannopoulos at Parliament House

Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at Parliament House in Canberra on the invitation of crossbench Senator David Leyonhjelm. The full video can be viewed below. Some notable remarks from Yiannopoulos:

“Communism has failed many times over, but its fans haven’t gone anywhere. What they’ve done is map its principles on social issues. So, instead of trying to persuade us all that Socialism works for the economy… they’ve turned their attention to social issues and instead created hierarchies of different classes of people based on skin colour, sexuality, gender, and so on. This is the most extraordinarily and profoundly anti-intellectual and ridiculous way to sort people. And it is an inevitability that if you do that you’re going to end up dividing them – you’re going to end up with hateful and divisive results…”

“I came to Australia as a sort of warning from America. I came to Australia to try to implore you not to go down the path America has gone down – this sort of divisive identity politics stuff that we saw at U.C. Berkeley… Well, last night in Melbourne I think the left showed us who they are and demonstrated that those wars are already here. The problem is conservatives and libertarians don’t realize it and haven’t started fighting yet. You need to start fighting. And you need to start fighting fire with fire. You need to reject identity politics and you need to reject political correctness. If you want to save your country and Western civilization you need to reject all of the tenets the progressive left is attempting to establish in culture – from journalists, from the academy, from the entertainment industry, they’re all complicit in this…”

“Conservatives like to conserve things. They’re not constantly on a mission to tear the house down. When you are on a mission to tear the house down you learn how to do it. You go buy tools, and you learn how to use explosives, and the Left has done so very effectively. The Left is far better at the dark arts of political warfare than the right ever has been because it’s the Left that wants to tear down everything around you, and replace it with – we’re not really sure, Communism, Islam, who knows. The institutions of civil society the Left seeks to damage or to co-opt, whether it’s the media, education, the entertainment industry, politics, these are the engines through which peoples’ hearts and minds are shaped as they grow up. They start listening to music, they end up going through the education system, and finally as adults they start taking interest in politics. The Left has been attacking, co-opting, invading, and distorting all of these institutions for decades with the result that conservatives are now at a loss. I mean, they’ve spent thirty years writing essays about how bad it is instead of actually doing something.”

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