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Globalism Is Satanic

"As the people of the world abandoned God, He was replaced by visions of heaven built by man. And every time those visions have been attempted by totalitarian regimes, they’ve led to hell on earth."

A significant milestone occurred last Saturday in the ongoing cultural civil war in America. 

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene declared at a Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida that not only is she a nationalist, she is a Christian nationalist, and that other conservatives should embrace the label. 

The shrieking from the atheist media and the establishment church was shrill and immediate, of course. Newsweek, Time, MSNBC, the New York Times and many others have run hit pieces. The fear was palpable. 

They are right to be afraid. The political cult that is cultural Marxism has advanced without adversary for decades through Western societies because its footsoldiers are fanatics and the milquetoast church leaders who should have fought back were too cozy, too careerist and too foolish to take it seriously. 

Now we’re murderers. 

Champagne communists like Pirate Pete don’t care about gay people or Indigenous people or Muslims or women. They love only themselves. They hate the gospel just as much, and they pretend concern for the ‘marginalised’ and oppressed of the world as a cudgel to wield against God and His people. 

They are getting worried because there is an organised resistance forming to the cult of fake love taking over our societies. The movement against identity communism isn’t coming from the church establishment, however; those elite Sadducees who make good money as professional Christians using clever sophistry to compromise the faith and finding willing ears among those who still want a nice church to go to on Sunday but don’t want it to say anything that might offend their gay cousin. 

The beginning of the rebellion against this demonic identity cult is coming from us peons in the pews, and it is scaring the purple-haired Marxists no end because they know it has the potential to roll back their century-long march through Western institutions. 

So why Christian nationalism, then? 

Well, largely because it’s the logical dialectical reaction to Satanic globalism. Jesus commanded us to be wise as serpents (Matthew 10:16), and have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but instead expose them (Ephesians 5:11).  So let’s do that. 

Western Marxists are driven by a religious vision for humanity. They have a heaven they long for, but it is not celestial. It’s an earthly paradise that can only be achieved once the original sin of humanity has been redeemed. 

No, not the original sin outlined in Genesis. The original sin of colonising whiteness, of toxic masculinity, of stifling heteronormativity. Just as in the rambling original writings of Marx the labouring proletariat is oppressed by the property-owning bourgeoisie, in Western Marxism the bourgeoisie has been replaced by straight white men and the enslaved proletariat has been replaced by marginalised neurodivergent other-abled gender-non-conforming birthing people with special needs. 

We can laugh at how ridiculous it looks when laid out plainly, but these people aren’t messing around. They’ve got a heaven on earth to realise, and you and I are getting in the way with all our plain speech, fact-based thinking and adherence to Scripture. 

Western Marxists believe themselves to be the white saviours of all humanity. It is a political project as much as an ideological crusade. The same people who #BelieveAllWomen and #StandWithUkraine also love the United Nations and believe that Western imperialism is justified if it means just one more little girl in Pakistan can sit at the front of the class like her brother. 

We Christians have underestimated the danger of ideological utopianism to our peril. The utopian political project has run like a crimson stain through atheist thinking since Thomas More wrote Utopia. Satan plays a long game. Its origins can be traced back even further to Plato’s Republic. The genocidal periods of Islamic expansion could even be included in the body count of utopianism given the earthly focus of the Mohammedan project to expand the Ummah across the world when a caliph is recognised. 

Satan has long used the siren song of an earthly utopia to delude men into becoming ideological zealots. It drove forward the French Revolution and the Paris Commune a century later which then inspired Marx and Engels. It powered the firing squads and rape brigades of Bolshevism, the Einsatzgruppen of the Eastern Front and the Red Guards of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. 

This beast has claimed hundreds of millions of lives and the church in the West has watched it be incubated in our lecture halls and classrooms since the 60s and done nothing. Now the beast has a new form and it’s strong. Very strong. 

We’re the carbon they want reduced, brethren. 

The globalist vision of a one-world technocratic system controlling a depopulated world under the benevolent tyranny of an enlightened few is the latest iteration of the same religious vision that motivated the other genocidal visionaries of modern history. 

As the people of the world abandoned God, He was replaced by visions of heaven built by man. And every time those visions have been attempted by totalitarian regimes, they’ve led to hell on earth. 

Globalism, the ideological vision which motivates the elites of the West, is just as murderous as every other form of political utopianism humanity has endured throughout the modern period. It has advanced after each world war, as though it feeds on blood.

After World War I came the League of Nations and after World War II the Western elite established the United Nations. Now we stand on the brink of World War III, and it’s clear the extremists in control of the White House and the other Western centres of power have a plan for the postwar order should the unthinkable occur and war with Russia and China break out. 

God established nations so that the pride of man might not go unchecked (Genesis 11:1-9). This was done as a protection for His children. Before the Flood, the strong predated upon the weak and there was no check on unrighteousness. We have seen much abuse of Romans 13 during the COVID biological attack, however, Scripture is still clear that governments are established by God and that this is done to protect goodness on the Earth (Romans 13:1-7). God establishes and deposes kings (Daniel 2:20-22). 

Globalism is the attempt of Satan, via his usual method of political utopianism, to destroy this protection provided by God and bring back the tyranny and wickedness of the pre-Flood world. Regardless of whether you agree with this eschatological argument, the nature of globalism is clear. 

It is a secular religion, just like Bolshevism and Maoism and Juche in North Korea. It is a political cult, and it will stack as many bodies as its fanatical true believers deem necessary to realise utopia. For the political visionary, heaven on earth is always just one more corpse away. 

Globalism is wicked and it is vile and the spirit behind it wars against God and His people. In short, it’s Satanic.