You Feel Violated After Casual Sex Because You Degraded Yourself

There is an excellent article by Matt Walsh over at The Daily Wire, titled: You Feel Violated After Casual Sex Because You Degraded Yourself. Not Because It Was Rape. Here are some of Walsh’s notable remarks:

…there is something wrong with the way we approach sex in modern society, and it’s leaving a lot of people feeling hurt and abused.

Here is the reality: Sex that consensually violates the dignity of a person is immoral and harmful, but legal and reciprocal. Casual sex — sex between strangers who just met on Tinder or at a party — is a mutual violation of human dignity. Both partners reduce the other to mere flesh and bone; a set of body parts with no soul or purpose other than to be used as a glorified masturbatory device. This is the essence of casual sex. It’s what makes it casual. And it’s why you have that icky feeling the next morning.

So, you feel violated? Well, you were. But you allowed it to happen; you invited it; you participated in your own degradation, and you did the same to the other person, even if he does not share your regret. What you hear in your heart is your conscience telling you that your body is too sacred to be treated the way you treated it. You. You treated it that way. It wasn’t something that happened to you, it was something that happened through you, because of you. You are 100% responsible, and so is the other person.

In this way, casual sex is no different than any other sin. Whenever we do something wrong, if our conscience is still functioning, we will always look back when the deed is done and think, “Why did I do that? It wasn’t worth the cost.” And we may be tempted to retroactively relieve ourselves of our guilt by rationalizing and justifying. We may say — whether the sin is sex or anything else — that we were “pressured.” And surely we were pressured. Every sin in the history of man has been committed by someone who was pressured, whether externally or internally, to carry it out. But the fact that you were pressured into sex does not mean that you were raped, any more than the fact that you were pressured to smoke a joint in high school means that you were drugged. Moral courage is required to resist pressure and temptation. It is no one’s fault but your own if you lack it.

Our godless society has long been engaged in this campaign to alleviate feelings of guilt, not by discouraging the actions that provoke them, but by making the person who feels them into a victim. You’ll notice that we have a “disease” or a “condition” to explain just about every vice. We make guilt into a medical or psychiatric issue. A man who has intense feelings of guilt and shame may consult a psychiatrist and come away with a prescription for pills that will numb his conscience. We are always trying to make the feelings go away without ever stopping to consider whether we have the feelings because of how we are living.

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