Breaking: Trump to Nominate Conservative Supreme Court Judge

Amy Coney Barrett. That’s the woman President Trump is nominating to be the next Supreme Court Justice, replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg. At only 48 years old, this is an appointment that is truly once in a generation.

According to The Weekend Australian, “Barrett is deeply conservative, Catholic and the mother of seven children, including two that she adopted from Haiti.” Not only that, but being a woman—can I still use that term, or is it too gender binary? —will make it even more difficult for those who are pro-choice to accuse her of ‘sexism’.

According to Politico, Barrett is already something of a superstar amongst the religious right. The American equivalent of a Jacob-Rees Moggs. This is because, according to The Huffington Post:

…during her confirmation hearing for the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, she was famously told by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), “Dogma and law are two different things. And I think whatever a religion is, it has its own dogma. The law is totally different. And I think in your case… when [one reads] your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s of concern.”

Did you hear that? Anyone with religious beliefs is not allowed now to express their views in the public square. That’s a privilege and prerogative only for atheistic progressives!

But if the statement, “the dogma lives loudly within you”, is offensive to you, or maybe even sounds like something out of Star Wars, then you’re not alone. That little by-line has given birth—pun intended—to a veritable cottage industry of memes, t-shirts and coffee mugs:

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