The blind tyranny of YES campaigners

Paula Gerber, Professor of Human Rights Law, at Monash University said: “Australia should lend its support to persecuted LGBTI people in other parts of the world. This includes the Asia-Pacific region where 19 countries criminalise homosexuality.”

This is the hypocrisy and inconsistency of many who voted YES to SSM: YES advocates were quick to dismiss religious people who claimed morality is defined by the Bible, not our culture.

Given the fact that Gerber’s position on SSM contradicts Jesus’ definition of marriage, we may safely assume that she does not consider the Bible the supreme voice on moral matters.

And if not the Bible, then what moral standard does Gerber appeal to? Morality is either defined by God, or “right” and “wrong” are merely a social construct. And if a social construct, then why should Australian’s undermine the moral standards established in other cultures?

Would it be equally acceptable for any of the 19 countries that criminalise homosexuality to lend their support to those who wish to make homosexuality illegal in Australia? On what basis would their influence on Australia be regarded as objectionable?

By wishing to impose her morality on other cultures, Gerber seems to undermine the notion that morality is defined by culture. Ultimately, Gerber wants the world to conform to “right” and “wrong,” not as the Bible defines it, not as culture defines it, but as she defines it. We call that tyranny. So much for “human rights.”

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