Biden, Trump, and the Greatest Scandal in American History

Most of us have heard of Watergate — the political scandal that engulfed the Nixon administration in the 1970s.

Most of us have heard of Watergate — the political scandal that engulfed the Nixon administration in the 1970s. So infamous was that chapter in American history that we’ve since borrowed the “-gate” suffix in the English-speaking world to portray any political scandal — serious or otherwise — with intrigue or grave criminality.

What was Watergate? Put simply, unknown men broke into the Watergate building in Washington DC to photograph documents and bug the office of the Democratic party which was seeking to defeat President Nixon at the upcoming election. Having arrested the men, authorities slowly uncovered a chain of command that led all the way back to the upper reaches of the White House and to Nixon himself. The scandal ultimately forced the president to confess his guilt and resign.

Fifty years later another scandal is unfolding in Washington DC, and it is no exaggeration to say that Watergate pales in comparison to it.

It is a complicated saga stretching back through the previous administration and involving multiple countries and U.S. institutions. I will do my best to just sketch the major details and provide links to the relevant reporting.

Joe Biden, who served as Vice President under Barack Obama, is running to defeat Donald Trump in next week’s presidential bid. According to all mainstream polling, in a few days’ time, Biden will be the next U.S. president and the most powerful man in the world.

Like many career politicians, Biden has been plagued by accusations of financial corruption involving members of his family. Rumours have circled especially around his son Hunter, who is known to have made a lot of money in China, Ukraine and beyond.

“I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings” are words that have often been heard from the lips of Joe Biden, who maintains his and his family’s innocence.

But this narrative began to unravel on October 14th of this year. The New York Post published a bombshell story explaining they’d been provided with a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive. They’d uncovered tens of thousands of emails and text messages exposing a web of corruption implicating none other than Joe Biden himself.

What the evidence now points to is that Joe Biden monetised the office of Vice President and sold out America, in order to make large sums of money for himself and his family.

Obama had designated Biden his point man in China and Ukraine — and Biden’s son Hunter often accompanied him on official visits there. But what were supposedly private business ventures between Hunter and certain energy companies in those nations turned out to be lucrative deals made possible only because of the Biden surname.

By hiring Hunter, Chinese communists and Ukrainian oligarchs were buying White House influence through his VP father which would shape policy in their home nations, enabling their corrupt companies to rake in untold profits.

That Hunter had a drug addiction, no expertise in energy and couldn’t speak Ukrainian—but was being paid some $83,000 per month for his “work” — was already a tip-off to everyday Americans that something wasn’t quite right.

Other evidence had long been dangling out in public, such as an on-camera admission by Joe Biden that he’d threatened to withhold $1 billion of U.S. aid from the Ukraine government unless a particular Ukrainian prosecutor was fired. That prosecutor was known to be investigating the company with which Hunter was entangled — and he indeed was fired at Biden’s bidding.

Hunter’s laptop had evidence of a meeting between Joe Biden and a Hunter business associate; an exclusive White House tour for crony Chinese communists known to Hunter; and discussions about the percentage of profits that Joe Biden would receive from an upcoming lucrative deal.

(Note that the Hunter Biden laptop has been verified as authentic by multiple credible authorities).

If this weren’t enough, just before last week’s presidential debate, a whistleblower stepped forward with yet more evidence. Investor and navy veteran Tony Bobulinski told a watching nation that he’d personally met with Joe Biden, Hunter, and Joe’s brother Jim to create a shell company for a Biden business venture with Chinese tycoons. Bobulinski was subsequently interviewed by the FBI, and provided them with mobile phones and other evidence to substantiate his claims.

The FBI has since confirmed that they are in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop — and that since 2019, they’ve been investigating Hunter Biden over money laundering allegations. Suggestions are now mounting that the Biden money racket extended as far as RussiaKazakhstan and Romania.

To date, the Biden campaign has not disputed the authenticity of the laptop or the claims of Tony Bobulinski. Instead, they’ve labelled the body of evidence a “smear campaign” and have insisted that Russians are trying to interfere in the U.S. election — a conspiracy theory for which no evidence has been presented; and which the FBI, the DOJ and the DNI have dismissed.

If you think the scandal ends here, you would be wrong.

In the wake of these damning revelations, America’s corporate media has been overwhelmingly silent. From CNN to the Washington Post to the New York Times and all the major cable news channels (with the exception of Fox News), the few stories that have been run are meagre attempts at discrediting or distracting from the trove of available evidence. Almost no mainstream journalist with access to Biden has probed him about the growing scandal.

There’s no denying that if the same evidence were available on the Trump family, the media would be providing wall-to-wall coverage of it — all but ensuring a fateful end for Trump’s re-election hopes.

But with Joe Biden regularly shying away from in-person events, and an impenetrable disinterest from all the “trusted” news sources, there is only one conclusion to be drawn: the corporate media has rallied as Joe Biden’s de facto election campaign in these final weeks.

Twitter and Facebook have also besmirched themselves in the scandal. The two big tech giants have run overt interference for Joe Biden — with Twitter locking the New York Post’s account for breaking the story; and Facebook vowing to quash circulation of the Biden affair on their platform. To justify their actions, both corporations have cited vague policies that they failed to enforce when anonymous or unsubstantiated stories were damaging to Donald Trump.

But the scandal goes deeper still.

If you’ve followed U.S. politics over the last year, you’ll know about the impeachment of Donald Trump that took place late in 2019. Events move quickly, so it can be easy to forget what that saga was about. Recall that House Democrats successfully impeached Donald Trump on charges relating to him seeking answers concerning Joe Biden’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine.

In other words, President Donald Trump was impeached — and globally defamed — for what now appears to be actual crimes committed by Joe Biden. Compared to the scandal currently unfolding in the USA, Watergate was a mere drop in the ocean.

But even that’s not the full extent of the Obama-Biden scandal.

From before Donald Trump stepped into office, the Obama-Biden administration sought to undermine Trump’s legitimacy as the successor president. They did this by weaponising the FBI and other spy agencies against Trump in a conspiracy now known as Spygate.

In simple terms, Spygate went like this: Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid for fabricated evidence to be provided to the FBI alleging that Trump had committed treason by colluding with Russia to secure his election in 2016.

While low-level Russian interference was uncovered, no evidence was ever found that Trump knew about it. In other words, Spygate has been exposed as a hoax investigation aimed at publicly damaging Trump.

What made Spygate so effective was that high-level operatives leaked key aspects of the phoney investigation to the media. And with its proven track record of anti-Trump bias, the media lapped this up and used it to great affect, falsely accusing Trump of “Russian collusion” for the better part of three years.

It is a seemingly bottomless scandal. Debate still surrounds just how much Joe Biden knew about Spygate. But the evidence is in on the family money racket: Joe Biden is compromised by multiple foreign regimes. If impartial investigations could be conducted overnight, the man would hardly pass security clearance. His dodgy dealings may even be grounds for impeachment.

But he may be president by Tuesday.

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