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Ten-year-old photographed with NAKED adult drag queen. This movement is out of control.

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Ten-year-old Canadian school boy, also known as Queen Lactatia, also known as Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden, also known as Baby Drag Artist Extraordinaire, is the most recent child victim involved in an overly sexualised drag related incident.

Nemis has dressed in drag most of his young life. At eight years of age he performed in an adult drag show while both his mother and father watched on with the audience. This performance was perhaps the beginning of the end of his childhood innocence. Nemis’ performance soon went viral, kicking off his so called stardom, or as many would see it, his exploitation.

On January 7, Jonathan Turton from HuckMag published a piece titled, What life is like as a child drag queen. Turton not only interviewed Nemis and his mother, he also photographed Nemis in full drag along with other adult drag queens.

While Turton did not publish all of the photographs captured during the shoot, Nemis went on to post a number of images onto his Instagram Stories. These images showed the ten-year-old standing next to an almost completely naked adult male – his genitalia was reportedly covered only by a small cloth-like garment. The image is quite shocking to look at and appears more like child pornography than anything else.

Actor James Woods responded to the story with a tweet to the FBI: “So would the FBI consider this child pornography? I’m asking this seriously. If it were a ten year old female child photographed with a naked adult male, would authorities intervene?”

According to Turton, Nemis’ mother, Jessica Mélançon, “conceded that drag has a sexual component and is unapologetic about her young son wearing sexually suggestive clothing if it ‘makes him feel beautiful.'” She further went on to say, “There is so much more going on in the world right now which is more horrifying and terrifying than my child wearing fancy shoes and a skirt. This shouldn’t be on anyone’s list of priorities.”

For Jessica, her son is “just playing,” so take a look a the photo and judge for yourself whether this is appropriate playtime for any child of any age.

WARNING: Graphic content.

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