Germaine Greer suggests rape is just a ‘f-ck’: ‘I was raped… it didn’t kill me… it shouldn’t destroy anyone’

Australian feminist and “public intellectual,” Germaine Greer sat down with Channel 4 News to discuss rape and her experience with sexual violence. This unfortunate video was the result…

If a woman says that you overcame me, you ignored me, you ignored me saying to you please stop, please don’t do this– And then she says, you know, you’ve taken my liberty, my optimism, my light… they’ve done all this.

And you think, hang on a minute, it was a f-ck, how could it do all that? Why have you collapsed because this happened? Because it happened to me… But it didn’t kill me… It shouldn’t destroy anyone… We shouldn’t have our young women more afraid of a penis than our sons are afraid of a knife. That is just stupid. We are not getting it.


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