Does this powerful video prove Australia is losing its identity?

What binds the Australian people together? Surely, it must be more than common dirt.

Anders Borg, the former Swedish Minister of Finance, once said he hoped in ten years time Sweden would look less like Sweden and more like Africa. It seems Borg’s dream is rapidly becoming a reality. Europe is quickly losing its identity. Only last month President Donald Trump warned that mass immigration is costing Europe its culture.

This week German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier declared that there are no native Germans saying, “Germany is a nation of immigrants and will remain so… There are no half or whole Germans, no biological or ‘new’ Germans.”

But what about Australia? Are Australians at risk of losing their identity? And what does it mean to be Australian anyway? That question is becoming increasingly difficult to answer. We’re told we’re not bound together by race, language, religion, ideology or culture.

They say we are “one but many,” but what is it that actually unites us? What binds the Australian people together? Is it merely common dirt? Perhaps the answer to that question isn’t in front of us, but behind us.