Bethel, Christalignment and Nudity

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Christalignment is a Melbourne based cult-like group, claiming to be “trained spiritual consultants, gifted in various modalities.” According to their website, they “practice a form of supernatural healing that flows from the universal presence of the Christ.” How is this achieved? “We draw from the same divine energy of the Christ spirit, as ancient followers did and operate only out of the third heaven realm to gain insight and revelation.”


Yesterday, the group, all of whom appear to have missed an entire month or two of showering, posted a video on their YouTube channel featuring women dancing topless. A completely naked man can also be seen in the background. The video description reads, “Every evening the team offer drumming/dancing free workshops which are so much fun and have plenty of good vibes. We believe this is an important expression of community and oneness in the whole tribe.” The group have also shared a number of naked photos on their Facebook page.

An article at Pirate Christian asks:

Does Kris Vallotton approve of this? He (sort of) approves of the Christalignment “Christian Tarot Cards” (as long as they are called “Destiny Cards”). Bethel Pastor/Missionary Ben Fitzgerald is the son of Christalignment’s leaders: Jen and Ken Hodge (you can see Ken with gray hair playing a drum). Theresa Dedmon, one of the many “pastors” at Bethel has written several blog posts now in support of Christalignment and “Destiny Cards.” Does she also believe that topless tribal dancing “is an important expression of community and oneness in the whole tribe?

In his book How to Stay Christian in College, J. Budziszewski gave the following advice for identifying and steering clear of cults:

1. Avoid groups that reject or twist the Bible.
2. Avoid groups that demean or dilute the Bible.
3. Avoid groups that treat exotic or emotional experiences as the main feature of Christian life.
4. Avoid groups that idolize their human leaders.
5. Avoid groups that try to cut you off from your family.
6. Avoid groups that try to mix Christianity with other religions.
7. Avoid groups that try to mix Christianity with occultic practices.

So it would appear that some false prophets are so confident of general biblical ignorance these days, that they don’t even bother wearing “sheep’s clothing” anymore. Slap the phrase “Christ” somewhere and some dope with a dust covered Bible will bite.

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